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 Welcome to the Meinders School of Business


MSB prepares graduate and undergraduate students to be socially responsible leaders in a global economy through teaching excellence and faculty scholarship in business practice and the disciplines. Faculty and students engage with the business community, local government and regulatory agencies as part of the teaching-learning process.


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 Student Services

Folder: Graduate Track SheetsGraduate Track SheetsReichardt, Katie
Folder: Undergraduate Track SheetsUndergraduate Track SheetsReichardt, Katie
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 MSB Committees Effective AY2013-14

  Curriculum & Academic Affairs Committee (CAA)
  Assessment & Assurance of Learning Committee (AS)
  Student Affairs Committee (SA)
  Faculty Governance Committee (FG)
  Leadership Council Committee
  Executive Advisory Board

 Meinders School of Business

MSB Building

 Where Business is OUR Business!


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  Official AACSB web site
  Official OCU web site
  Assessment Data
  MSB Policies
  Assessment Plans
  MSB Faculty Meetings
  SMART Board Tutorials

 MSB Academic Departments

  Computer Science
  Economics and Finance
  Marketing and Management
  Accounting and Information Technology

 MSB Committees (Pre AY2013-14)

  Leadership Council Committee
  Academic Affairs Committee
  Student Affairs Committee
  Faculty Affairs Committee
  Ad Hoc Assessment Committee Summer 2013
  MSB Executive Advisory Board

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