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Stay Up-To-Date! 
by Warlick, Janelle
 4/10/2014 4:20 PM
OCU Campus Privileges and Discounts Attachment
by Warlick, Janelle
 7/11/2013 2:51 PM
Easter Egg Hunt Pictures 
by Warlick, Janelle
 4/4/2012 11:48 AM
Staff Council Mission Statement 
by Silver, Diana
 7/19/2011 5:18 PM


2/23/2015 8:00 AM   Benevolent fund Cook-off 
Staff Council to host Benevolent Fund cook-off Fund Raiser. All proceeds go to OCU Benevolent Fund.

 Answers to Your Staff Council Questions

Best Places to Work Survey 
by Silver, Diana
 7/26/2012 1:02 PM
Anonymous Letters of Concern 
by Silver, Diana
 4/17/2012 8:57 AM
Parking on Florida Near Soccer Field 
by Silver, Diana
 9/22/2011 1:44 PM
The New Parking Lot on Kentucky 
by Silver, Diana
 8/31/2011 5:10 PM

 Staff Council Documents

Staff Council Constitution 2012.pdfStaff Council Constitution 2012Silver, Diana
Local OCU Employee Discounts.pdfLocal OCU Employee DiscountsSilver, Diana
Proposed Amended Staff Council Constitution 2012,03-08.pdfProposed Amended Staff Council Constitution 2012,03-08Silver, Diana
StaffCouncilSurvey-Aug2011.pdfStaffCouncilSurvey-Aug2011Silver, Diana
Staff Council You're a Star certificate.pubStaff Council You're a Star certificateBobier, Pam


  OCU Easter Egg Hunt Photos
  Staff Council Survey
  Staff Council Question Submission Form
  Presidential Service Award
  Training Session Videos February 2009
  Free Credit Report
  Tips for getting the most out of using grocery coupons
  Weekly Grocery Ads and Product Coupons
  Coupons for Commonly Used Products
  107.7 KRXO offers "$teals & Deal$"
  Frontier Country Local Attraction Coupons
  Valpak Coupons
  Restaurant Coupons
  Hey! Its Half Off!
  Consumer Queen
  Academic Discounts from Coupon Cabin
  Grocery Discounts from Coupon Cabin
  The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

 Staff Council Photos

ThumbnailPicture Size
Easter Pictures 2013
Thumbnail StaffCouncil08-20123456 x 2304
The 2011 Governing Board of the OCU Staff Council. StaffCouncil09-20112540 x 3088
Karen Vann mans the Staff Council No Phone Zone table in Walker Center. NoPhoneZone09-10640 x 480

 2012-2013 Staff Council Governing Board

 OCU Staff Council

 Staff Development

Staff Development Application Deadlines for 13-14.docxStaff Development Application Deadlines for 13-14Do, Angela
Staff Development Application  2013-14.docxStaff Development Application 2013-14Do, Angela

 What's New

There are currently no active announcements.

 2012-2013 Staff Council Agendas

Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,12-13.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,12-13Silver, Diana
Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,11-08.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,11-08Silver, Diana
Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,10-11.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,10-11Silver, Diana
Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,09-13.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,09-13Silver, Diana
Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,07-19.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,07-19Silver, Diana
Agenda-StaffCouncil-2012,08-09.pdfAgenda-StaffCouncil-2012,08-09Silver, Diana

 2012-2013 Staff Council Minutes

Staff Council minutes 5-8-14 APPROVED 6-19-14.docxStaff Council minutes 5-8-14 APPROVED 6-19-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes 4-10-14 approved 5-8-14 2.docxStaff Council minutes 4-10-14 approved 5-8-14 2Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes 4-10-14 approved 5-8-14.docxStaff Council minutes 4-10-14 approved 5-8-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes 3-13-14 approved 4-10-14.docxStaff Council minutes 3-13-14 approved 4-10-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes 2-13-14 approved 3-13-14.docxStaff Council minutes 2-13-14 approved 3-13-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes 1-9-14 approved 2-13-14.docxStaff Council minutes 1-9-14 approved 2-13-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes -12-12-13 approved 1-9-14.docxStaff Council minutes -12-12-13 approved 1-9-14Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes -11-14-13 approved 12-12-13.docxStaff Council minutes -11-14-13 approved 12-12-13Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes -10-10-13 approved 11-14-13.docxStaff Council minutes -10-10-13 approved 11-14-13Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes - 9-12-13 - approved 10-10-13.docxStaff Council minutes - 9-12-13 - approved 10-10-13Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes - 8-8-13 - approved 9-8-13.docxStaff Council minutes - 8-8-13 - approved 9-8-13Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes - 7-11-13 - approved 9-8-13.pdfStaff Council minutes - 7-11-13 - approved 9-8-13Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes May 9, 2013.docxStaff Council minutes May 9, 2013Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes April 11, 2013.docxStaff Council minutes April 11, 2013Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes March 14, 2013.docxStaff Council minutes March 14, 2013Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes February 14, 2013.docxStaff Council minutes February 14, 2013Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes January 10, 2013.docxStaff Council minutes January 10, 2013Warlick, Janelle
Staff Council minutes December 13 2012.docxStaff Council minutes December 13 2012Warlick, Janelle
Minutes-StaffCouncil-2012,11-08.pdfMinutes-StaffCouncil-2012,11-08Silver, Diana
Minutes-StaffCouncil-2012,10-11.pdfMinutes-StaffCouncil-2012,10-11Silver, Diana
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